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Pasture-raised pork bundle deposit


 30 lb assorted premium pasture-raised pork including chops, ham steaks, roasts, bacon, ground pork and/or sausage and soup bones for $250.

Please contact us if you are interested in half or whole hog quantities.



We raise Tamworth (“Irish Grazer”) pigs, a heritage breed known as a “bacon pig” because of its low fat to body mass ratio. We raise pigs outdoors farrow-to-finish where pasture meets woodland’s edge. Along with grazing happily on pasture, pigs are fed a local, organically grown mix of grain, vegetables and raw milk from our Jersey cows. 

At every step for all our animals, Three Ridges Ecological Farm and the abattoir follow strict animal welfare and food safety protocols to ensure the health of the pigs and safety of our customers. 

Food photos by Katie Hotchkiss Photography


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