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Pasture-raised eggs

Chicken eggs (brown, lavender blue): $15 per flat of 30 or $14 for Chicken Bundle customers

Duck eggs (white): $6 per half dozen

Diversity mix: $18 per flat of 24 chicken eggs + 6 duck eggs

All eggs are ungraded and only sold on-farm. There’s a self-serve fridge on our porch, but it is still good to check with us about availability before you come.

Payment by cash (there’s a change purse in the fridge), cheque or e-transfer to


Our laying chicken hens live full lives on pasture as precocious foragers. They roost in a mobile coop that moves around pasture in the growing season and lay beautiful shades of brown (ISA Browns, Chantecler) and lavender eggs (Ameraucana) with deep orange yolks – a sure sign of the green they eat! Read more about the details behind different coloured eggs.

Laying duck hens are Muscovy and heritage breeds Buff Orpington and Welsh Harlequin, who live on pasture with shelter for roosting and laying, and small pools for preening. They are full of personality and produce rich pastured eggs that are great for quiches, pancakes/crêpes and other baking.

Egg photos by Katie Hotchkiss Photography

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