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Pasture-raised duck

Sold out for 2019!



About 3R Ducks

We raise Muscovy ducks on pasture. The result is tender, delicious meat with a perfect amount of fat. Coveted by chefs, and featured in Forest City Cookbook, pasture-raised duck is a perfect alternative for a feast. There’s a $10/bird deposit that is non-refundable. The remaining cost is due on pick-up, and ducks typically are either 4.5-5 lb or 6-7 lb.

Along with grazing rotationally on grasses and legumes and foraging for insects and seeds, ducks also receive a diverse mix of locally grown grain and seeds, most of which is organically grown and all of which is non-GMOclean and unmedicated. When they are ready, we transport them a short distance to the local Amish community, where they are processed with care at an Ontario Approved inspected abattoir.  At every step, Three Ridges Ecological Farm and the abattoir follow strict animal welfare and food safety protocols to ensure the health of the birds and safety of our customers. 

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