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Pasture-raised chicken deposit

Pasture-raised chicken: $6.30 lb or $5.99 lb with a Chicken Bundle.

$10/bird deposit to reserve, with balance due upon pick-up or delivery.

You can reserve chickens individually or as part of a Chicken Bundle.

Chicken Bundles are a commitment to 12 or more chickens that you pick-up throughout the season. We have five Pick-up Days – 3 for fresh chicken + 2 for frozen chicken – and ideally you receive the bulk of your chickens fresh. For this commitment, you receive:

  • 5% off retail price
  • Step-by-step guide, How to Piece a Chicken


On-farm Pick-up Days and London Delivery Days are listed here.


About 3R chicken

Raised under the Artisanal Chicken Program, our chickens live on pasture – grazing rotationally on grasses and legumes and foraging for insects and seeds. They also receive a diverse mix of locally grown grain and seeds, most of which is organically grown and all of which is non-GMOclean and unmedicated. 

Our pasture-raised chicken is a breed called the White Rock, or Cornish Cross, which is the industry standard. They have white feathers and grow to around 8-9 weeks on pasture. The meat of this breed of pasture-raised chicken looks similar to high quality supermarket chicken: plump breasts and legs and a good amount of white meat – and you can see the difference pasture living provides in the collagen-set of stock and health of the organs.

When they are ready, we transport them a short distance to the local Amish community, where they are processed with care at an Ontario Approved inspected abattoir called Chicken Little (you will notice a white tag with this name in the skin of the chicken).  At every step, Three Ridges Ecological Farm and the abattoir follow strict animal welfare and food safety protocols to ensure the health of the birds and safety of our customers. 

We will not offer Heritage type chicken (Nova Free Ranger) this year because chicks are no longer available in Ontario. 


Are Chicken Bundles right for you? Here are 7 questions to help you decide.


Food photos by Katie Hotchkiss Photography

Additional information

Pick-up location

London, On-farm


August 10 – frozen, June 29 – FRESH, November TBA – frozen, October 19 – FRESH, September 14 – FRESH

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