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Nature’s Finest Fund 2018 Update

Earlier this year, we were awarded a Nature’s Finest Fund Grant from The Big Carrot. The funds allowed us to implement a pasture watering system, working off the new water capture system that we also installed this year. The system is working well, saving us water and labour and providing a fresh source of water across the pastures. Improvements for next year include a pump system to make filling time faster.

Thank you to The Big Carrot and here it is:

Water capture system off the barn: 7 IBC totes connected with rubber couplers and 2″ PVC:


The PVC then feeds into a 1″ or 3/4″ pasture-pipe system that crosses the pastures:


With 200 feet of garden hose off the pasture piping, we can reach all of the pastures in the upper field:


In addition to barn water, there are 3 more IBC totes capturing water across the farm:

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