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How to Order Chicken

The best way to purchase 3R chicken is to join us on the farm for a Pick-up Day or pre-order for pick-up in London.

Pre-ordering isn’t necessary for on-farm pick-up, but it guarantees your order. You can pre-order here

Fresh chicken

Fresh chicken is available on June 29, September 14, and October 19.

On-farm pick-up is 10 am – 3 pm and London pick-up is 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm in the SoHo area (Horton & Colborne; we will give you the address after you pre-order).

Fresh pasture-raised chicken is as fresh as it gets – and buying fresh chicken allows you to get the most out of your pasture-raised chicken by piecing before freezing.

Frozen chicken

Frozen chicken is available on the farm on August 10 and TBA in November, and in London TBA in November.

Chicken sausage, wings & breasts

We plan to have chicken sausage, wings and breasts available at our pick-up days and London delivery, starting in August or September. Subscribe to our newsletter or follow-us on Instagram or Facebook (@threeridgesfarm) to be the first to know! 

>>> For all products, if the on-farm pick-up days and London delivery dates don’t work for you, call or email to pick-up on the farm another day.

If you love pasture-raised chicken and want to stock-up throughout the season, then a Chicken Bundle is right for you! A Chicken Bundle is a commitment to 12 or more chickens that you pick-up throughout the season. Read more about Chicken Bundles.

How to Order Duck, Pork & Beef

Coming soon! (You can always call or email to arrange a time to pick-up on farm.)



Thank you so much for all you do to support our ecosystem and by extension our universe. The by-product is our happy tummies!

Thank you for raising meat with integrity.

Thanks for doing what you do with such attention and intention. I’m so grateful to have found you all!

This chicken tastes real, like the chicken I ate growing up!

Beautiful birds, moist and flavourful

Love that you are providing such an ethical option. Not sure what I would eat if not for farmers like you!

Happy Food = No Hormones/Drug Free/Free Range/Grass Fed/Fresh/Wonderful providers

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