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Frequency Asked Questions

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1. What are Chicken Bundles? 

Read about them here.

2. Do you sell chicken pieces, like breasts or thighs, separately?

We only sell whole chickens, which come with giblets. To help you get chicken pieces as you wish, we are organizing two events: a chicken butchery workshop and demonstration to learn how to piece a chicken at home from two professional chefs. 

3. What is Artisanal Chicken?

Artisanal chicken is chicken sold under an Artisanal Chicken Program administered from the Chicken Farmers of Ontario. We have a licence so we can legally sell our chickens on and off-farm. As part of our licence, we pay a fee for each chick and we are compliant with animal welfare, biosecurity and food safety guidelines.  

4. What’s the difference between the Standard pasture-raised chicken and the Heritage pasture-raised chicken?

We raise two chicken breeds on pasture for meat. Our Standard chicken is a breed called the White Rock, or Cornish Cross, which is the industry standard. They have white feathers and grow to around 8-9 weeks on pasture. The meat of a Standard pasture-raised chicken looks similar to high quality supermarket chicken: plump breasts and legs and a good amount of white meat.

Our Heritage type chicken, the Nova Free Ranger, is developed from European Heritage breeds for life on pasture, superior taste and meat texture. Heritage chicks are flown in from Nova Scotia, where the breed was developed.  They have beautiful red feathers and grow to around 9-12 weeks on pasture. To quote a chef friend: The meat has “a little more chew to it – but in a pleasant way, like you might be eating a tender cut of beef.” Heritage chickens have slimmer breasts and more dark meat. In both breeds, you can see the difference pasture living provides in the collagen-set of stock and health of the organs.

5. Where can I buy Three Ridges products?

We sell our meat products on-farm, as well as on scheduled deliveries to London, Iona Station and Kilworth.  Pasture-raised eggs are only available on-farm.

6. Why is pasture-raised chicken better? 

Read our Blog for more about this!

7. Why does my chicken or duck have a white tab that says Chicken Little in it?

This tab is put on at the abattoir, Chicken Little in Aylmer, and indicates that the chicken was butchered in a government inspected facility. Simply remove the tag and discard before cooking the chicken.

8. How long will my chicken last in the freezer?

According to Health Canada, frozen, well-wrapped poultry can be kept in the freezer for up to one year.

Ordering Chicken

1. Do I have to order a Chicken Bundle to pre-order?

No! You can pre-order any quantity of chicken.  

2. Do I have to pick-up my chicken all at once?

No! You can spread out your chicken throughout the season. Simply add different dates and quantities to your cart, so you have a line in your cart for each pick-up date.

3. Can I add more to my Chicken Bundle later in the season? Yes! You can always add more at bundle price.

Do you deliver?  Yes! This year we have scheduled deliveries to London, Iona Station and Kilworth. Pasture-raised eggs are only available on-farm.

4. What’s the advantage of pre-ordering?

Pasture-raised chicken is seasonal and available in limited quantities. Pre-ordering guarantees you chicken, where and when you want it. If you pre-order before May 15, 2018, you also receive a chance to win one of two great cookbooks by Shannon Hayes. If you are ordering a Chicken Bundle, you also receive Wild Leek Salt.

5. What if I miss the Early Bird date?

You can pre-order chickens all season, while quantities last. (Ordering after May 15 means you miss out on the Early Bird bonuses, listed above).

6. Do I have to pre-order or can I just show up and buy chickens?

You don’t have to pre-order for pick-up on-farm. We’d love to see you at one of our Market Days. If you can’t make a Market Day, contact us to arrange another time to pick-up on-farm.

7. Do I have to pre-order to pick-up at a delivery location (London, Kilworth, Iona Station)?

Yes, we will only deliver pre-ordered chickens to the delivery locations. 

8. I want chickens but I can’t make a Market Day or a scheduled delivery. What can I do?

Please contact us to arrange another time to pick-up on-farm.

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