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We, Drake Larsen and Sarah Hargreaves, established 3R in 2015. Ecologists-turned-farmers, we strive to apply our understanding of nature’s interactions to creating a regenerative farm using agroecological farming practices.  

With a sense of adventure and love of working hard outdoors, we met at a remote biological research station surrounded by polar bears near Churchill, Manitoba. We lived in Drake’s home state of Iowa for 10 years, where we spent a lot of time sitting (Sarah has a Ph.D. in soil microbial ecology and Drake a M.Sc. in sustainable agriculture); learned about the scary state of agribusiness; hunted, gathered, farmed, gardened and preserved with some cherished folks; then had a baby and moved back to Ontario to start farming for our daughter’s future. 

Sarah Hargreaves, Ph.D.

With a Ph.D. in soil microbial ecology from Iowa State University, Sarah is passionate about bacteria and fungi – the “gut of the world”. Microbes feed plants and build soil which, in turn, stores and cycles carbon, water and nutrients. For this reason, soil is a common ground that links on-farm productivity with longer-term environmental sustainability. As an educator, Sarah speaks and writes about soil microbes, soil health and scientific literacy, and was featured in the video series Townhall MedicineIn addition to farming and teaching, Sarah is the Director of Research of the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario‘s Farmer-led Research Program.

Drake Larsen, M.Sc.

Drake is a farmer and freelance agroecosystem design consultant. With a M.Sc. degree in sustainable agriculture from Iowa State University and inspired by his time working with Practical Farmers of Iowa, Drake is passionate about deepening the conversation about agriculture. Through photos, video, landscape visualization and evidence-based articles and editorials, he illustrates the realities of modern agriculture – and discusses the benefits of a diversified agriculture – as a wake up call towards positive change. His research and farming practices provide creative examples of the opportunities for ecological farmsteads managed to maximize farm ecosystem services. 

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