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What’s a Chicken Bundle?

A Chicken Bundle is a commitment to a total of 12 or more pasture-raised chickens. You have all season to pick them up at one of our scheduled dates.

For your commitment, you receive 5% off retail price and these great bonuses: 

  • Prairie Pollo poultry seasoning
  • Step-by-step fridge guide, How to Piece a Chicken
  • $1 off flats of eggs (on-farm only) and first dibs on all other farm products
  • Advanced invitation to a hands-on workshop on chicken butchery (additional cost for the workshop)
  • Invitation to a farm Open House this summer

Please note that our Heritage type chicken (Nova Free Ranger) is not available this year because the breeder died in May. 

 Reserve your Chicken Bundle before May 15, 2018 and you will also receive:

  • Wild Leek Salt

How It Works

  1. Go to the Order Form and decide where you’d like to pick-up your chicken, what date(s) and how many for each date. Add each date separately to your cart.
    • You can spread out your chickens throughout the season
    • Scheduled pick-up dates are once a month from June/July – October/November
    • Locations on-farm, Wortley Village in London, Bee Loved Gardens in Iona Station and Kilworth. More info on dates and times.
  2. There’s a $10/bird non-refundable deposit when you reserve; the remaining cost is due on pick-up (chickens range from 4-6 lb)
  3. You’ll receive a confirmation email from us
  4. Put the dates on your calendar and get ready for “the best chicken ever



Thank you for raising meat with integrity.

This chicken tastes real, like the chicken I ate growing up!

We are so very blessed that you provide and share all your goods! You have wonderful presentation and quality! 

Love that you are providing such an ethical option. Not sure what I would eat if not for farmers like you!

Happy Food = No Hormones/Drug Free/Free Range/Grass Fed/Fresh/Wonderful providers


Still if not sure if Chicken Bundle is right for you? Here are 7 questions to help you decide.

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