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Is A Chicken Bundle Right For You?

Thinking about ordering a Chicken Bundle? Here are 7 questions to help you decide before you reserve your bundle. 

1. Do you value eating quality chicken that is full of nutrition and flavour? 

Pasture-raised chicken is nutrient-dense as a result of the fresh, natural diet of the chickens. Compared to barn-raised birds (and even “free range organic”), pasture-raised chickens actively graze on vitamin- and protein-rich pasture and hunt for seeds and insects. In addition, they eat a diverse mix of non-GMO, clean, unmedicated grain and seed. This delightful buffet contributes to meat with higher vitamin and nutrient content; and healthy, clean and delicious organs. Read more

2. Do you love rich, gelatinous stock?

Good broth will resurrect the dead,” says a South American proverb. “Indeed, stock is everything in cooking”, proclaimed French chef Escoffier, “without it, nothing can be done.” If you want good, versatile stock, there’s nothing better than stock from pasture-raised chicken. It is rich, flavourful, wholesome and jiggly with gelatin. Read more

3. Do you value eating meat that is raised ethically with care?

Another great thing about pasture-raised is the quality of life of the chickens. On pasture, our chickens express their natural instincts as voracious omnivores with access to fresh forage, seeds and insects; they have fresh air; and pasture grasses provide natural bedding. Happy chickens producing healthful meat – it just makes sense! Read more

4. Do you want to support a local farmer?

Just like Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) or veggie boxes, Chicken Bundles are a way for you to shake the hand that grows your meat. We farm in order to grow the best quality food, using the best practices for the animals and the land. Farming, however, isn’t for the faint of heart and we aren’t doing this for great profits. Weather events and predators make our type of farming high risk. Even more, growing pasture-raised livestock, like organic vegetables, is very labour intensive, which makes margins slim. By purchasing a Chicken Bundle, you show us that all the work is worth it while also helping us plan successfully for the season. Thank you for your commitment!

5. Are you willing to work a little harder for pieced chicken?

Our chicken comes whole, which is great for roasting and feasting. But sometimes you want specific cuts or a smaller amount of chicken. Piecing a chicken stretches your dollar and diversifies your meal options. But… dealing with a whole chicken can be daunting! To help you piece a chicken with confidence, we have created a How to Piece a Chicken guide. With a little practice and help from the guide, you can quickly become comfortable with this kitchen task. 

6. Do you like buying in bulk to save?

By committing to a Chicken Bundle, you receive 5% off retail price and a handful of amazing bonuses and exclusive offers. Read the details here.

7. Are you comparing pasture-raised to prices at the grocery store?

According to what the grocery stores tell you, chicken’s supposed to be cheapest meat. (And when chicken is raised in a barn or “meat factory”, it can be.) But on our farm, poultry is the most expensive. It requires the most feed, the most labour, and has the highest processing costs per pound. And yes, our prices have gone up (again) this year. This increase is due to general inflation and us learning how to calculate our cost of production. When setting prices, we do our very best to keep it affordable for you – to offer the lowest price possible while still maintaining an economically sustainable enterprise.

How’d you do? Is a Chicken Bundle is right for you? 

For those of you who value the flavour and nutrients, the care and the story, a Chicken Bundle may be a perfect fit! 

Remember – if you aren’t sure, you can also buy individual chickens to give them a try.

Order your pasture-raised chicken here

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